Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia polo shirts by Coats of Arms are only made with the best organic Egyptian cotton and toxic-free dyes.

The coats of arms were adopted in 1979 and are composed of two roses symbols of the House of Tudor UK. The lily recalls another colonizer of St. Lucia: France.
The two parrots, that hold the shield, symbolize the St. Lucia abundant wildlife; closed fist on top of arms means progress.
Official motto of the country: "The Land. The People. The Light.”

All our products are shipped free of taxes from Guadeloupe or Saint Barthélémy. For all order over 2 up to 5 articles shipment is free.
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Stitch: Egyptian pique cotton
Weight: 190grs/m2
Composition: 100% Cotton
Yarn: 24/1 combed

* Note : If after making your choice of colour and size, the selection of quantities does not appear, it simply indicates that the configuration size / colour is temporarily unavailable.

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