Repùblica Dominicana

Dominican Republic polo shirts by Coats of Arms are only made with the best organic Egyptian cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Blue, white and red are the dominant colors of this coat of arms, They are reminiscent of the national flag which appears in his coat of arms. A palm leaf and a sprig of laurel encircle the whole . Above the shield ,a blue ribbon displays the national motto: Dios, Patria, Libertad (God, Fatherland, Liberty). A bible is opened-according to the popular legend- at the page to  the Gospel of John, 8: 32, which reads Y La Verdad os hara free (And the truth shall make you free).

All our products are shipped free of taxes from Guadeloupe or Saint Barthélémy. For all order over 2 up to 5 articles shipment is free.
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Stitch: Egyptian pique cotton
Weight: 190grs/m2
Composition: 100% Cotton
Yarn: 24/1 combed

* Note : If after making your choice of colour and size, the selection of quantities does not appear, it simply indicates that the configuration size / colour is temporarily unavailable.

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