West Indies Federation

West Indies polo shirts by Coats of Arms are only made with the best organic Egyptian cotton and non-toxic dyes.

The coat of arms of the West Indies Federation have been used for four years (1958-1962). The gold discs represent the groups of islands that made up the federation. The rippling blue symbolizes the Caribbean Sea. The shield is surmounted by an English lion, indicating that these islands were British colonies. Above the shield is a helmet topped with a torch held by an upright arm, symbolically lighting the way forward. The motto is:  ”to dwell together in unity”.  Pelicans are present on all these islands, so the bird became the federation’s emblem, appearing with outstretched wings on its coat of arms.

Stitch: Egyptian pique cotton
Weight: 190grs/m2
Composition: 100% Cotton
Yarn: 24/1 combed
* Note : If after making your choice of colour and size, the selection of quantities does not appear, it simply indicates that the configuration size / colour is temporarily unavailable.

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